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Book review: The Trespasser

But you can beat one killer. Beating your own squad is a whole other thing.

Year of release: 2016

Writer: Tana French

Premise: Detective Antoinette Conway is the Murder squad pariah for many reasons: she’s the only woman, she doesn’t get on well with the others, she takes no shit from anyone. Her and her detective partner, Stephen Moran, get stuck working the night shift, where no cases come in except for open-and-shut domestics. Except for the night when the murder of Aislinn Murray is reported. Is this a bog-standard boyfriend-kills-girlfriend case, or is something different happening here? Conway and Stephen work on the case with Detective Breslins, but this is much more complex than one would think.

Review: This being Tana French, it almost went without saying that I’d love it, which I do. It’s the sixth book in the Dublin Murder Squad series, but you honestly don’t have to read them in order. (I would suggest reading The Secret Place before this one, as it has Stephen as the main character.) Anyway, the book’s complex storyline drew me in straight away and I honestly never wanted to put it down. The characters – especially those of Conway and Stephen – are so brilliantly real and developed, which to me is so important in a thriller. It’s full of twists and turns, which I obviously adore, and I also have to compliment Tana French’s use of language. Her imagery is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen in a book, her dialogue is realistic… it’s wonderful.

Anything else? This really isn’t a typical crime novel to me, as it’s so psychological (as Tana French’s books tend to be), so even if you’re not really into crime, give it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Describe it in five words. Gripping. Smart. Psychological. Beautiful (the language). Surprising.




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